Alright, we need a set of rules before we get extremely active. So, let's just set the rules straight.

Number One: Absolutely no Threats. Threats can be defined as saying you will kill or severely injure another person. Threats will not be tolerated.

Number Two: Do not abuse your powers. Examples of this include banning a person for no reason, or oppressing something you don't like.

Number Three: Do NOT plagiarize someone else's article without their exclusive permission to do so. Example: Taking another persons hurricane article and labelling it as yours.

Number Four: Arguments. Not tolerable. If you disagree with someone and can't resolve it, contact one of the two Bureaucrats, HurricaneMonster and HypercaneTeen.

Number Five: Absolutely no advertising of other wikias. Strongly prohibited. If you really want to advertise a wikia, go elsewhere.

Please note: We Comply with COPPA and any user found to be under 13 will be blocked.

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